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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program 

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program


At Westchester Diet Plan, WDP, our weight loss program specializes in removing refined sugars, chemicals and processed foods from your daily dietary intake. Our program is uniquely and individually designed to cater to YOU, based on your personal wants, needs and goals. Our program includes vitamins and supplements that help to: speed up the weight loss process, boost your metabolism and burn fat! 


The WDP team aspires and strives to meet one main objective: helping you lose weight while achieving your goal(s). We ensure you are making the necessary and healthy lifestyle changes needed to ultimately lead you to a healthy lifestyle maintenance. 


All programs Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Working closely with skilled nutritional counselors, physicians and clinicians, weekly or biweekly, ensuring that you are meeting your goals and staying consistent.

  • 1:1 Nutritional Coaching & Weekly or Biweekly Consultations.

  • Individualized Diet/Meal Planning & Prepping.

  • Taking advantage of our FREE DIET ADVICE & FREE RECIPES.

  • Jump starting your weight loss with our 7 day jump start system.

  • Education on the importance of strictly following the unique regimen given.

  • Biweekly zoom meetings that include healthy diet lifestyle tips, advice and an open Q&A forum.

  • How to treat yourself in moderation and build a positive relationship with food.

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